At Virginia Beach Eye Center we believe in providing the best possible care and service to our patients. Hear firsthand from our patients how Virginia Beach Eye Center has changed their lives.

"Jennifer was excellent in calming my anxiety and made the pre-op experience much easier for me. She is an asset to your practice. Thank you"

Kenneth Bivans

"Very comfortable and much quicker than we thought. I can now see clearly no problem. Would definitely recommend any of my friends and family."

Judith Battelle

"My entire time spent at Virginia Beach Eye Center was excellent. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Dr. Garrett explains things clearly and never rushes you."

Janie Travis

"I was very apprehensive regarding my cataract surgery and eye drops. The staff were all very supportive and listened to my concerns. Their reassurance made me feel much more comfortable and able to relax."

Sunny Hahn

"A very good experience, friendly, helpful and professional."

Joan Lucas

"I was very nervous and I was made comfortable. Paul talked to me and Dr. Kurz was very kind and gentle."

Carolyn Banks

"I would like to recognize Andrea personally with the help she gave me.She went beyond what she needed to. All of your staff was wonderful"

Kathy A.

"Very pleasant and helpful at all times."

Rosa Owens

"I highly recommend VBEC as the place to go for all eye care! I had cataract surgery in Feb 2016 and April 2016 (other eye). The whole procedure was easy and comfortable. Dr. Garrett and team were THE BEST. Everyone was friendly and concerned with patients well being."

Susan Levy

"My experience was very good. Looking forward to getting my other eye done. Thanks again."

Patricia Pirog

"It was a delightful experience for having surgery!!"

Joann Defilippo

"I was very pleased as always with Dr. Sam Garrett and his staff! He is superb and so is staff at Virginia Beach Eye Center"


"Absolutely top-notch, caring staff!"

Nancy Wood

"I have recently had cataract surgery done by Dr. Sam Garrett at Virginia Beach Eye Center. Thanks to Dr. Garrett's state of the art eye care facility with onsite surgical suite, all work-up and surgery is conveniently performed in one place. Also, it is apparent that the staff were well-trained, very friendly, and happy in their work. If you are in need of professional eye care, I would strongly recommend Virginia Beach Eye Center. VBEC provides the very best professional eye care in the Tidewater area."

Thomas H. Sugg

"I had the best visit from your office that I have had from a doctors office. All of your techs I feel went out of their way to make it a pleasant visit. They always explained what they were going to do and asked if I had any questions. The big one was when I was in one of the waiting rooms and DR. Kurz came in to get me.He checked my eyes again and explained what he could do to fix them. When I got to Andrea to set up the surgery appointment she gave us a couple of choices. Now for getting the surgery set up she said what needed to be done. In closing I am glad that it only took one hour for the eval. The last place took three hours and done by at least six techs.I will recommend any one to your practice."

Jim Hahn

"Excellent Lasik experience at VA Beach Eye Center. Once I made my decision to move forward with having my vision corrected I researched possible procedures and had evaluations with a couple highly rated local providers. VA Beach Eye Center was by far the most thorough, professional, and least pushy. Lasik is not something I'm looking for a 'deal' on....not like shopping for a used car which is the feeling I received from other Lasik providers. My Surgery Coordinator was Julianne H. who was friendly, professional and very willing to provide answers to all questions and concerns I had regarding the procedure. I was able to meet Dr. Kurz a couple times prior to my actual surgery who was also very professional, informative and at no point did I ever feel pressured into making a decision to follow through with Lasik. I would say my experience was outstanding and the results were probably well above average. Pre Lasik I was practically legally blind without contacts or glasses. Post Lasik I have 20/15 vision with virtually no side effects (slightly dry eyes when I wake up early in the morning, nothing a couple lubricating drops don't fix instantly, this has gotten better over the past couple weeks). Post opp you have one day of basically laying around the house with your eyes closed, the day after surgery I was seeing very clear just sensitive to bright light, and after a week of medicated drops a few times a day I am 20/15 and back to normal eye comfort. I should mention I am just over 2 weeks out of surgery and I have zero discomfort. I should have done this a long time ago. Thanks Virginia Beach Eye Center, Julianne, and Dr. Kurz!"

Chris Lamy

"Special attention and praise is due Ms. Andrea Desmarais for the extra patience, understanding and assistance she afforded me in adjusting my surgery schedule during the difficult days that I was undergoing this past year! She is a true professional and deserves to be rewarded as such!!!"

Charles Fishel Sr.

"From the receptionist to the assistants and doctors there is no better attention, service and treatment than you receive at Virginia Beach Eye Center. Good Work Guys!"

Dick Lamb

"Every day I wake up and I am still amazed that I can see perfectly without contacts or glasses! I truly consider this a miracle that we have such technology to fix my vision. I absolutely love that I do not have to take my contacts out before going to bed, put them back in in the morning, or wear glasses on occasion; I can go swimming, running, camping, biking, and even drive in to work and it is one less thing I have to worry about. I live a very active lifestyle and having contacts was a burden; it required too much maintenance, care, and time. I do not have to buy contact solution or stress-out about going to the eye doctor to get a new prescription. I notice every day that I can see clearly and it still amazes me; I have one less thing to worry about in my busy schedule."


"Born with congenital cataracts, a rare condition, Bradley Anderson of Norfolk wore eyeglasses until, at age 28, he had cataract surgery by Dr. Samuel Garrett of Virginia Beach Eye Center. Today, six years later, he reports, 'Ever since then, I have had 20-20 eyesight.' Enjoying family fun with his wife Heidi and three young children, he adds, 'Life is great without glasses'."

Bradley Anderson - CATARACT SURGERY

"Each and every one of your staff have my complete satisfaction as one of the best medical practices I have ever attended. 6/10/15"

Troy A. Tripamer

"Staff very professional. The tech that did my refraction was very knowledgeable. She never made me feel like I was failing. Loved Dr. Kurtz. I will definitely make this my permanent eye care center."

Martha L. Gentry

"I would like to thank you for the way you handled my recent request for records and test results. When I was living in Virginia Beach I was always impressed by the way your office worked. The quick and efficient way my request was handled shows nothing has changed since we moved."

Tom Curtin - Patient

"Dr. Garrett, I was blind (legally) but now I see, thanks to you I am eternally grateful."


"Dear Dr. Garrett and Staff, Thank you again for the great care I received during my two cataract surgeries. Your group is truly the best!"


"I was fortunate to have Dr. Kurz perform cataract surgery on me in November 2014. After wearing glasses for over 70 years I am now able to read, sew and do so many other things without glasses. I now only use glasses to drive and watch tv. What a difference it has made in my life. The day of surgery I was taken care of from arriving at the center until I was discharged later in the afternoon. The staff is exceptional. They could not have been more professional or caring. It was a wonderful experience. My thanks to Dr. Kurz and the entire staff. You have made such a difference in my life. I would highly recommend Virginia Beach Eye Center. Thank you so much."

Kathleen Horey

"I knew when I walked in to Virginia Beach Eye Center, it was the place I wanted for my cataract surgery. Everyone was very knowledgeable and courteous. The nursing staff and Dr. Garrett were great! 6/10/15"

Barbara Atkins

"I had the cataract removed from my right eye a week ago. I knew the cataracts were diminishing my vision, but I didn't realize just how much I was missing out on until it was corrected. If you have the opportunity to clear your vision--do it. I wish I hadn't waited so long. I was nervous beforehand but found the procedure was completely painless. They were patient and knowledgeable. They clearly communicated what they were doing and what was expected of me after surgery. I am looking forward to having the cataract removed from my left eye next month by Dr. Kurz. I highly recommend this facility. Please call these dedicated people if you have any questions or concerns about your vision. They have truly changed my life for the better."

Angela Short

"This is by far the best doctors office I have ever been to. Not just eye doctor any doctor. They are polite, hospitable and accommodating. If you need an eye doctor and you live near by, this is the place to go."

Michelle Cates

""I would love to tell the World about my experience in this office. I was going blind, Dr. Kurz and the Virginia Beach Eye Center gave me back my sight with 20/20 vision. I never had 20/20 vision before, wore glasses since 1st grade, and actually still unable to see with glasses. I lost hope, until Dr. Vaid told me that going blind was unacceptable and referred me to The Virginia Beach Eye Center, and I had no insurance, from Dr. Kurz and all the office staff were kind, compassionate and very professional. I love Dr. Kurz and the complete staff there and I really can't thank them enough." Thanks Always Blanche Jackson."

Blanche Jackson

"We have loved every aspect of VB Eye Center! The staff is always so helpful, love Dr Tomko, and the selection of eyewear and help navigating our insurance and FSA is always amazing!!"

Amanda Morgan

"I have been a patient of Dr. Kurz for the past year. The entire staff have treated me with kindness and professionalism. The receptionists have especially been friendly and helpful. Janna Ives, the optical manager, was highly accommodating in helping me with my new glasses. Thank you for your fine staff."

Jean Strangways

"Virginia Beach Eye Center is the best. Dr Garrett has been my doctor for many years now. I recommend him to people all the time. Of the many people I have recommended see him friends, family, and associates at work none have been dissatisfied. The staff is courteous and helpful. They are very thorough. I will continue to recommend Dr. Garrett because I think he is the best ."

Dana Wade

"Everybody at this office is professional, and beyond courteous... they are incredibly nice. Dr. Kurz had the best chairside manner I've ever experienced. Highly recommend this office for optical needs as well as opthalmology if you need it. First class business and a wonderful experience for me."

Jimmy Masters

"I am very pleased with my recent cataract surgery. Dr Kurz is a very skilled and compassionate Eye Surgeon. I am happy I chose him to do the procedure. I would highly recommend Virginia Beach Eye Center,pleasant and knowledgeable staff."

Cheryl Klein

"Dear Christine and Dr. Garrett: You are proficient and a delightful assistant to Dr. Garrett. Thank you for explaining the procedure before going ahead with anything. The way you informed me permitted me to relax. You two work great together and that makes for excellent results. Smile because the patients appreciate the good Dr.’s work and the good work of his staff."


"Wonderful, knowledgable staff. Can't wait to get my new glasses!"

Elizabeth Malcom

"Best experience in a very long time. Virginia Beach Eye Center is the best!"

Simone Solomon

"In every way my surgery was made comfortable. All of the staff could not have been kinder. I am thankful for the clearer vision I now have due to Dr. Garrett's expertise."

Mary Jane Beaman

"The consideration and patience I experienced by the staff and especially by Dr. Kurz was outstanding."

Walter Terry

"The care I received here was the most positive I have received anywhere. The post operative was even better."

Joan M LaBruno

"During this visit the nurses in the pre-op were very friendly and always stopping by to see if I needed anything and comfortable."

James E. Hahn

"Could not be more impressed- excellent!"

Henry Cosby

"You are one fantastic group. I love you all."

Troy Tripamer

"I want the other eye done as soon as possible! I'm well pleased with Dr. Garrett and his staff. God bless!"

Barbara Garris

"Zero pain- made me happy!"

Nancy Beach

"I knew when I walked in to Virginia Beach Eye Center, it was the place I wanted for my cataract surgery. Everyone was very knowledgeable and courteous. The nursing staff and Dr. Garrett were great! 6/10/15"

Barbara Atkins

"Dr. Garrett came highly recommended and I will share as well. God bless you all!"

Eleanor Steffens

"My sincere thanks to Dr. Garrett and his staff (Maddie, Tiffany, Jennifer and Paul). If I misidentified any of the staff, please attribute it to memory, anesthetist or pre-surgery team!! All were very helpful as well as professional. I could not have asked for better care."

Edward B. Young

"Dr. Kurz performed my cataract surgeries and was wonderful. The staff is friendly, professional and Andrea, his surgery coordinator, is simply delightful, efficient and helpful. Dr. Kurz walked me through procedure before, during and after. The results of the surgeries are better than expected. Dr. Tomko is great as well; she treated me first for an eye injury and then fit me with contacts; she has a practical and helpful way about her. She was helpful in the decision process for cataract surgery. 5 stars!"

Bette Rae Bevan

"As a long time patient of Virginia Beach Eye Center, I am so pleased with all the services I have received from emergency eye care to routine eye exams to cataract surgery. Everyone from the receptionists to Dr. Kurz treat me as though I am the First Lady of the United States. Even though I live and work in Norfolk, I will drive to Virginia Beach to see these professional, pleasant and welcoming people. I have recommended Virginia Beach Eye Center to my friends. The entire office, bathroom and surgery suites are always immaculate. I can't praise you all enough. Thank you! Thank you!"

Elizabeth Ann Mootry