Corneal Abrasions

Corneal Abrasions


We are covered with skin (or epithelium) from head to toe and the surface of the eye is no different.  However, what is different is the level of sensitivity of the skin covering our eyes compared to the rest of our body.  In fact, the nerve density on the surface of the eye or cornea is three to four times greater than that of other areas of the body.  Which is why, if you ever have scratched or gotten a foreign body embedded in your cornea, you are MISERABLE!  Fortunately, the skin on the surface of the eye heals very quickly and corneal foreign bodies are generally fairly easy to remove.


So, if your eye is red and painful, call and make an appointment to come in and be seen.  We nearly ALWAYS have same day availability, so if you have scratched your eye or think you have gotten something in it, come on in!  There are things that we can do to take the pain away immediately and make your recovery as pleasant as possible!  That being said, the best way to treat a problem is to prevent it from happening so always wear eye protection when performing tasks where material of any nature could harm your eye!

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