Pronounced \te-ˈri-jē-əm\

In addition to being very difficult to pronounce and spell, a pterygium is a very common eye problem and represents damage to the skin on the surface of the eye from exposure to sunlight and the elements (wind, dust, etc).  This damage results in the white or clear skin from the sides of the eye (or conjunctiva) creeping onto the clear more central part of your eye called the cornea.  Although there probably also is a genetic predisposition to developing a pterygium, wearing sunglasses and protecting the surface of your eyes from the elements will likely reduce your risk of having any pterygium troubles.


Sometimes a pterygium can get red, inflamed and cause pain and irritation.  If you have a pterygium and this is happening more often than you would like, a pterygium can be surgically removed with very good and lasting results, improving comfort and cosmetic appearance alike.


Contact us if you think you may have a pterygium and would like to discuss options to get rid of it!


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