Vision Correction FAQ

Most of the ads I hear about laser vision correction tout LASIK. What does Virginia Beach Eye Center recommend ?

Ultimately, safety is the most important issue when it comes to the choice for laser vision correction. Both NuSite™ and LASIK can provide excellent outcomes when the patient is a good candidate and there are no surgical or post-surgical complications. The surgeons at VBEC believe that this choice is a “rest-of-your-life” issue, and because this is such an important life-long decision, we encourage our patients to investigate their options of procedures, surgical centers, and surgeons carefully. We have provided a wealth of information in this website about the quality and qualifications of our diagnostic and laser technology, Virginia state licensed and AAAHC certified surgery center, and our experienced and well trained surgeons. We want our patients to be well informed, and the more you know about us and your options, the more confident you’ll be in choosing us for your procedure!

I'm confused by all the procedures I hear about in advertising and on the internet. How do I know which one is right for me?

It is confusing when there are so many available options. It is certainly a great idea to do some “homework” online to get the basics and feel for what is out there. Then it is important to find a center and surgeon that you can trust. Look for a practice where the surgeon (not a “physician extender” like an optometrist) evaluates your eyes pre-op, personally performs the surgery and examines you at all post-op visits. Look for someone who listens to your questions and concerns, considers all the options and honestly evaluates whether you are a good candidate for one or more procedures. The unfortunate truth is, you can always find someone to operate on you, whether you’re a good candidate or not. The surgeons at VBEC are committed to only operating on those patients that are excellent candidates since we want to be your eye care provider for life, not a “LASIK factory”.

Will I have 20/20 vision after my procedure?

Our goal for refractive surgery of any type, whether NuSite™ laser vision correction, refractive lens exchange, or Visian ICL™ is to reduce or eliminate your dependence on spectacles or contact lenses. Even though we can never guarantee the outcome of any surgical procedure, the vast majority of patients who have vision correction surgery are “20/happy”, meaning they are pleased with their results and have vision that allows them to do most or all their visual tasks without corrective lenses. Most of the patients at VBEC do achieve 20/20 vision or better. One way we achieve these results is to not operate on patients who are only marginal candidates. This means that once you are qualified by our surgeons, you have a great chance of achieving your visual goals.