Z-LASIK (Laser Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis)


Z-LASIK is a type of corneal refractive surgery for correcting nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism.Z-LASIK differs from NuSite™ Advanced Surface Ablation in that a thin flap is first produced in the cornea with the Ziemer FEMTO LDV Z6 femtosecond laser, followed by reshaping the cornea using the VISX Star S4 IR excimer laser.


Z-LASIK is now the second most common eye procedure in the world (after cataract surgery) and has now reached an extremely high level of safety, accuracy, speed of recovery and comfort. This is due to technological advances in the computer controlled lasers used in this all-laser procedure. Virginia Beach Eye Center now utilizes the Swiss engineered and manufactured Ziemer FEMTO LDV Z6 femtosecond laser to produce the corneal flap. This ultra fast and precise laser uses a proprietary delivery system (different from all other femtosecond lasers) that results in very low total energy being delivered to the cornea. This decreases the chance of postoperative inflammation in the cornea improving comfort and visual recovery.


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